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Hair styling tools

Babyliss 2020CE 8in1 Styler

Rs4,650 Availability : Sold Out


8 in one, Power Supply: 220-240 Volts, Heat:145 C, Color: White & Purple  ..

Babyliss 5250E Travel Hair Dryer

Rs2,500 Availability : Sold Out


Airflow speed: 50 km/h, 3 speeds/temperatures, Cool air setting, Concentrator, Fold-away handle, St..

Babyliss 6609 E Pro-Light Hair Dryer

Rs5,800 Availability : Sold Out


Professional AC motor' Power - 2100W; Air speed: 95km/h; Ionic technology; Thin ..

Babyliss 6610 E Hair Dryer

Rs6,300 Availability : Sold Out


Air Speed: 100 (Km/H), 6 Speeds / Temperatures – Cool Air Button, 1 Concentrator Nozzle Special For..

Babyliss C1100 SDE Curl Secret Ionic Hair Curler

Babyliss C1100 SDE Curl Secret Ionic Hair Curler

Rs12,600 Availability : In Stock


Auto Curl Technology, Quick and Effortless System for beautiful, long-lasting curls, Ceramic coatin..

Babyliss D-141E Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Rs4,800 Availability : Sold Out


2000 Watts, 3 speeds/temperatures, Cool air button, Colour: Metallic and Black.  ..

Babyliss D-221E Expert Plus Hair Dryer

Rs3,000 Availability : Sold Out


Airflow speed: 75 km/h, 3 speeds/temperatures, Cool air button, 10mm thin concentrator, Diffuser, S..

Babyliss D-241E Ionic Hair Dryer

Rs4,500 Availability : Sold Out


Air speed: 80 km/h, Ionic technology, 3 speeds/temperatures – Cool-air button, Thin concentrator no..

Babyliss D-261E Expert Plus Hair Dryer

Rs5,060 Availability : In Stock


Turbo option, Air speed: 85 km/h, IoniCeramic technology, 6 speeds/temperatures – Cool-air button, ..

Babyliss D-321 WE Expert Hair Dryer

Rs3,625 Availability : Sold Out


Air diffuser, Air Hub: 8cm x 1cm, Power: 2100W, 3 temperature, 3 speed settings.  ..

Babyliss D-341 E Expert Hair Dryer

Rs3,687 Availability : Sold Out


Dry 2200W, 1600W power at energy consumption, Ionic technology: Intense shine and softness, 3 speed..

Babyliss D-361 E Expert Plus Hair Dryer

Rs4,850 Availability : Sold Out


2300W Dry performance with 1700W power consumption, High Ionic: Intense shine and softness, 6 speed..

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